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Fleeing #DRCongo to #Uganda after mass violences in #Ituri province

#Rape and #sexual violence reported.

The local civil organization @luchaRDC is accusing @Total for oil exploration activity and Joseph #Kabila for creating political disorder.


This picture shows the transit center at the border between DRC and Uganda

The photo is by Helen Manson, and these are her words:

 Right now, in this very moment, even as you read these words, there’s a silent crisis unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last year (on average) 30-50 people crossed the border each day. As of January, those numbers are closer to 500 per day. Medical Teams International are also there, right now, providing emergency and ongoing medical care to these precious people – now refugees.

Irin map:

See in-depth:

#escape in a suitcase #children #ghouta #ceuta

The images of a child sleeping in a bag taken by the photographer Omar Sanadiki (Reuters) the 15th of March 2018 in the village of Beit Sawa tell the dramatic mass exodus from eastern Ghouta, Syria, due to heavy airstrikes conducted by Bashar al-Assad regime and his allies (Russia and Iran).

This picture brings back the 8th May 2015 when a boy was found through X-Ray scan hidden in a suitcase by Guardia Civil at El Tarajal (terrestrial point of entry at Spain’s border in Ceuta). So different, so similar.

Always in Ceuta another case has been reported the 30th December 2016

The death of #Jugoslavia

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One of the best series ever made. #wars #borders #jugoslavia #documentaries
It’s a BBC doc series broadcasted in 1995

1 Enter Nationalis
After the death of Josip Broz Tito, rising nationalism gets Yugoslavia in its grips. This is exacerbated after Slobodan Milošević takes power in Serbia and turns against the Kosovar Albanians.

2 The Road to War
In April 1990, Croatia holds its first free parliamentary election. Ethnic Serbs in Croatia feel threatened by the nationalist tone of Croatia’s newly elected President Franjo Tuđman and they begin a Log Revolution in August 1990. On 19 May 1991, Croatia holds an independence referendum, which is approved by a wide majority. The Battle of Vukovar of August 1991 is the first major battle in the Croatian War of Independence.

3 Wars of Independence
Slovenia and Croatia soon declare their independence and ask for international recognition. But Belgrade (the capital of both Serbia and Yugoslavia) does not see it this way because it soon means the collapse of Yugoslavia.

4 The Gates of Hell
After the war between Serbia and Croatia ends with the signing of an agreement, Serbia involves itself in Bosnia where a lot of things are at stake. Here begins the longest and the most tragic part of the conflict.

5 A Safe Area
As the situation in Bosnia worsens, there is further conflict between the Serb and Bosnian forces. There is increasing UN involvement and NATO begin to step in. The Bosnians and Croats reach an agreement mediated by the UN whilst another UN agreement falls through, despite being signed by all parties. The suffering and persecution of Bosnian Muslims by Serb forces is featured.

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